And Happiness will find its way!

“The best way to pay for a happy moment is to enjoy it,”Live each moment like its your last.”So, I would like to write on something that would force us to ponder about the moments we live, the moments we love, the moments we cherish and the moments we actually remember. On closing the eyes and contemplating over, “what makes me smile?” will instantly give you the answer. My perception portrays that it lies in the memories we make, not in the things we chase but in the dreams we grace.

Life is much more than possessing things, it is about exploring nature, it is about exploring your own self, meeting the real ‘I’ through the inner ‘eye’, it is about meeting your own self. Whenever I observe people around myself, I find that there is something lacking in their smiles as if there is something uneasy in their lives. That “something” is their inability to understand, where their hearts want to reach, where their eternal happiness will find its way, where in reality, their true smiles lay.


Have you ever wondered how it feels like watching the blanket of stars, or beholding the sun rise or sun set, sitting all by yourself and realising where have we lost ourselves in this world when our worlds can be truly beautiful with these little instants in which we live or in other words, in which we breathe. That little smile of a baby, that smell of the soil after rain, that chipping of birds, that blowing of wind through the trees, producing a melodious sound, that happiness of parents on watching you on the pedestal of success, that helping an unknown person and receiving the gift of “thank you” and the unending list….Life is about counting these random instants that make us feel alive to each and every moment.


That pinch of smile on face with a drop of tear in eyes, on laying hands on an old photograph, brings with itself a bundle of memories, that bunch of yaadein…(yes! exactly this word) can never be forgotten. It is said that the box of memories is like a box of sweets, whenever it is opened, everybody gathers around it to have her/his share and of course, you won’t be able to have just a single piece out of it. ‘Yaadein’ brings with it a mélange of that sweetness and happiness.

Happiness, in my opinion is not a word, it is an essence, a feeling, an emotion that help us realize that life has been gifted to us not to merely breathe, but to count up to every moment, to feel it and of course to live it. It may lay in mother’s lap, or in just a 15 minutes nap, it may lie in brother’s fights, and only with the help of his support, reaching the heights, happiness may lie in grandma’s stories or in your father’s glories. These instances portray that happiness will find its way only if we create a way for it.


Recall the loud crack of laughter with your best friends, or that day of farewell, putting up a proxy or bunking classes and simply enjoying, these moments put such deep imprints in our memories that whenever we recall them, we would be left smiling forever and ever. Take for instance that awesome moment when you count your first little salary endless number of times and wondering, “o bhyii! Ye itne saare paise maine kamaye hain kya?” or that moment when your father takes pride in saying, “now my little daughter has grown up”, that happiness when your life partner says, “just feels lucky to have you!” or that sentiments lying in a friend’s words, “ what would I be without you, I am glad that you came.” Happiness is to love and to be loved, to care for and to be cared for, it is to breathe and realizing that we are breathing, it is to live and realizing that yes! We are living…:)


Imagine, if we truly begin to take these moments to their spirits, life would itself become a wonderful journey to find adventure and joy and simply, to enjoy. I believe that my aim has been accomplished in helping your smiles reach the miles.

What I believe is that, “Life has been gifted to us as a white canvas and we are the ones who fill colours to it and transform it to an extravagant painting, in which every colour spreads its beautiful magic.”


At last, I would just like to say that happiness will not find its own way but if we give ourselves a single chance, it will become our only way.




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